Enrich your daily trading strategy using AI

Preticks provides instant financial news updates and notifies users about promising and trending tickers. Download to learn more and keep updated.

Latest signals catched by Preticks showing an increase in stock prices after notified to our users. Download Preticks now to get realtime alerts and reach another level in your daily trading experience.

How it Works ?

Preticks monitors thousands of online financial news in real time and automatically classify crawled news with NLP and ML. Classification results show predictions about possible positive and negative effects on stocks

Simple Mobile Interface

Preticks mobile applications easily show trading signals automatically collected from online financial news in real time.

Instant Notifications

Push notifications instantly inform users for real-time trading signals for newly classified positive trading insights.

Natural Language Processing

NLP allows us to extract special entities from financial news such as company names, stock symbols, etc..

Machine Learning

Content of financial news are automatically classified by ML models related with their possible impact on company stocks.

Daily Summaries

Preticks publish trading performance of its AI predictions for each day calculated with real market data.

Stock Market Coverage

Preticks platform currently supports NYSE and NASDAQ stock markets.

How to use Preticks ?

Trading signals published through Preticks only show the prediction of its Trading AI engine. Traders must furher analyze given prediction, related stock, company and financial news source to take trading actions by themselves using any third-party trading platform.

Instant Push Notifications

Allow Preticks application to send push notifications to your mobile device.

  • Stock symbol and company name
  • Stock Market
  • Current stock price

Watch Notified Signals

You can watch notified live trading signals with showing total change after notification and expired signals with their daily P/L.

  • Up-to-date stock change for live signals
  • Total P/L for expired signals
  • Automatic data update for Live signals

Detailed P/L Statistics for Signals

You can explore initial notified price for the stock, and High/Low profits calculated with real-time market data.

  • Check the current price of the stock
  • Go to signal source and explore more
  • See High/Low profits

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